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Nobody likes to plan for this but it is an act of love when we do. This is a benefit that you give to the people you love once you are gone. Learn more below...

Financial Planning

It's not enough to protect your life and health, you also need to consider protecting your nest egg as it needs to last you for years to come...

Financial Planning

It's not enough to protect your life and health, you also need to consider protecting your nest egg as it needs to last you for years to come...

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Aaron & Maria.

Spring, TX

After implementing the strategy it has resulted in a significant increase in productivity for our business. We basically have our own bank from which we can borrow against our own investments resulting in immense savings in interest, and we don't need to go to a 3rd party for additional funding for major purchases.

Donyale & Tori.

Cypress, TX

Joe and Clay are remarkable in explaining the Infinite Banking strategy. They were excellent in answering all of our questions and walking us through the process. They weren't pushy and didn't try to sell us anything they allowed us to take our time and provided us with all the information we needed to make a decision.

Matthew P.

Houston, TX

Very unique wealth building strategy that requires a person to become educated on how money work and topics you won't find via main stream finance channel. Even after becoming a client, I have found things to be just as they were explained to me and they are always available for questions. They have become essential partners in my wealth building journey.

Jane D.

Dallas, TX

Amazing service, very helpful, and made me feel like I understand what is available to me.

Anna D.

San Antonio, TX

So thorough and insightful. I know now that I am making the right plan choice.

Matthew P.

Austin, TX

This has been the best experience I've had in choosing an insurance plan. I will recommend you to all my friends!

Clint A.

Lubbock, TX

After 36 years IRS field auditor (Large Business & International division) I retired and started trading stocks. I reed an article about a unique saving strategy called Infinite Banking which peaked my interest and lead to some deep research. As a result I started my own policy to protect myself and my family. Historically safe and consistent tax-free profitability. Ill be teach this to everyone.

Matthew P.

Livingston, TX

We've always heard about the different types of insurance products and always viewed the as a "cost" with No or Lousy returns. When we listen to the presentation he never tried to sell us on anything, it was all new education to me. He showed us how to make sound financial decisions that differ from what conventional wisdom teaches and the benefits of taking control of our future.

Dr Elna.

Kingwood, TX

New Ideas New Concept present challenges to those of us who are use to doing things a certain way, which often means "the same way I've always done it." It takes a very patient person knowledgeable in his or her subject matter to get those concepts across until the client reaches that "AHA" MOMENT when everything falls into place. Amazing!

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