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Joe has been working in the financial services industry and investing in Real Estate for over a decade. His passion for finance, investing, and wealth strategy began in his early 20s when he read the book Rich Dad Poor Dad. After getting his bacholor degree in Management at University of Houston, he took his skillset and love of investing to the Real Estate world. Joe worked with a builder to learn the construction process and was instrumental in learning different wealth, asset protection and tax-free income strategies.

From there, Joe opened his own company Up Planning Edge LLC, and has been working as a Wealth Strategist & Real Estate Investor ever since. Outside of the office, Joe enjoys traveling and all-things active Swim, Bike, & Run - Joe lives in the Clear Lake City where he spends his free time as husband and father. He and his wife, Megan, have two wonderful children, Kia and Mila.


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